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You'll find us making news a fair amount as the premier FIT tour operator as we keep our finger on the pulse of trends in independent travel. Here you'll find some of the top stories that include Avanti or feature Avanti.

Avanti Debuts Four New Air-Inclusive FIT Packages to London and Beyond

Avanti Debuts Four New Air-Inclusive FIT Packages to London and Beyond

Insider Travel Report - July 8, 2019

Travelers who live in a secondary city like Portland, Ore., are accustomed to the inconvenience of having to connect through a major gateway to fly overseas. With less likelihood of lost luggage, zero risk of missed connections, and the shortest possible time in transit, non-stop flights are the holy grail of travel...  Read More

Spotlight on Food

Spotlight on Food

Recommend - April, 2019

Culinary tourism seems to be about the most popular ingredient in the travel demand for new and involving experiences. Food and wine are the delicious ties that bind virtually every aspect of travel, commanding special attention nowadays when farm-to-table and vine-to-glass pilgrimages are at the top of many traveler's wish lists...  Read More

end of shutdown

Avanti Advice: How Far Out Should You Book Popular Destinations?

Insider Travel Report - February 8, 2019

"FIT specialist Avanti Destinations doesn't want your clients to miss out on booking popular European destinations and beyond during special events, festivals and anniversaries. That's why it's advising you to encourage your independent travel clients to book certain destinations and special events far in advance to ensure that they have the best possible experience..." Read More

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Stats: Best Times to Book Ahead for Popular Events From Avanti

Travel Agent Central - February 7, 2019

"From Oktoberfest in Munich to cherry blossom season in Tokyo and Kyoto, FIT specialist Avanti Destinations has rounded up the best times to book ahead for popular events and destinations worldwide, based on its internal booking data..." Read More

end of shutdown

Tour Operators Welcome an End to the Shutdown - and Brace Themselves

Travel Market Report - January 30, 2019

"Some tour operators dodged the bullet and received no damage from the partial government shutdown. But for some others, it was a bitter pill that is still caught in their throats." Read More


One-on-One With Avanti Destinations' Paul Barry

TravelPulse - January 30, 2019

"Avanti Destinations has undergone some major transitions in the past year, but it's not slowing down growth for the FIT tour operator that works solely with travel agents." Read More


Avanti Destinations Launches New Website

Avanti Launches New Website

Recommend - January 22, 2019

Avanti Debuts Agent Portal for Custom Independent & Group Travel

Insider Travel Reports - January 23, 2019

Avanti Destinations Launches New Website

Travel Agent Central - January 23, 2019

Avanti Destinations Unveils New Website

Travel Age West - February 9, 2019

A Taste of Local Flavors in Great Britain Itineraries From Avanti Destinations

A Taste of Local Flavors in Great Britain Itineraries From Avanti Destinations

TravelAge West - January 19, 2019

"No matter what type of food and drink clients hope to try on their next trip to Great Britain, Avanti Destinations has a customizable itinerary that will fit the bill." Read More

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