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Visit the most beloved of continents, so beautiful and diverse that no praise will do it justice. The land of history, romance, culture and masterpieces, both artistic and culinary, Europe is bound to enchant you no matter how many times you return. From iconic capitals to charming towns, golden beaches or alpine resorts, all is made possible to you in the simplest manner.

As the leader in customized travel, Avanti Destinations boasts over 30 years of expertise, ready at your disposal to turn your trip into a memorable experience. Choose from a wide variety of accommodations from boutique to luxurious or ask us about our unique properties. Our professional consultants will connect the dots for you either by air, car or train and offer experiences both inspiring and enlightening, all while making sure that every day is lived to its fullest.

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An exotic destination adored for its diverse culture, ancient history and cuisine, Asia appeals to the independent travelers looking for a different experience. Bustling cities coexist alongside ancient temples in this fascinating continent where unique marvels lie just around the corner.

Our expert travel consultants are ready to create the vacation you've always dreamed of, offering you a complete package with great deals on airfare, high-end hotels and intriguing activities. Make the most out of our expertise and allow our skilled guides to lead you through the wonders of this continent.

You decide how your ideal itinerary should look like so rest assured, we'll provide the best services and recommendations for a truly exciting, worry-free experience.

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Central America is a place of great natural wonders, forgotten civilizations and passionate cultures. A bridge between the two Americas and a barrier between oceans, this area thrives in the modern world while still in touch with its ancient heritage.

Thanks to years of experience, Avanti has simplified the planning process, offering you unforgettable vacations, each tailored to your desires. Whether you choose to relax on a sunny beach, learn the local ways or venture on a nature expedition, choose your favorites and we'll handle everything else. Working with expert consultants means that you never have to worry about logistics or quality. Carefully selected accommodations and tours will offer the best experience you could have in stunning Central America.

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South America is a continent of great natural and cultural wealth where stunning landscapes, art and folklore are nothing out of the ordinary. Home of passionate people, exotic animals and ancient civilizations, this place never ceases to enchant us.

Never worry about connecting the dots between your favorite destinations. Avanti offers a complete experience while allowing you to travel safely and independently. High-end hotels offer the best amentities and our friendly staff will make sure your stay becomes unforgettable. Venture down the Amazon, find peace in the heart of the rainforest or live like the locals in the vibrant urban jungles, all with the piece of mind that everything will fall into place. All we ask is you pack your bags and stay excited, beautiful South America awaits.

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One of Avanti's newest additions to its list of amazing destinations — the beautiful desert Kingdom of Morocco — marks the company's much-awaited expansion to North Africa; and with that comes the same combination of excellent customizable offerings and high-quality service that Travel Professionals have come to expect from Avanti throughout the decades.

Only a few hours away from major European countries such as Spain and Portugal, Morocco presents a fascinating opportunity to straddle the stark cultural contrasts between Africa and Europe. From the pervasive French influence in Casablanca to the centuries-old medinas, bustling markets, and interesting flavors of Marrakesh — Morocco is brimming with rich history and diverse travel experiences just waiting to be rediscovered.