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Avanti is delighted to announce a distinctively different FIT product−Avanti Journeys! What makes this product different from custom Avanti product you’ve come to know and love?

Well first of all, the product packages are still independent travel despite the fact that they are set itineraries that range from 8-16 nights. All of the Avanti Journeys include air from the U.S. and are priced from a selected gateway in economy and business class. The packages also include all critical vacation components—hotels, transfers and many local shared or private inclusions and experiences. Our Avanti Journeys are value-priced and represent negotiated rates with our key suppliers and as a result, are commissioned at 10% of inclusive travel.

Please check out our exciting offerings listed below. You'll surely find a product that will perfectly suit your client's preferences and needs.


Best of Europe

London, Paris, Amsterdam,
Rome & Barcelona

These cities have been selected for their outstanding architecture, art collections, and historic importance for the development of Western Culture. Very difference in style and cuisine, each offers important lessons for those who seek to learn our collective history.


European Classics for Foodies

London, Paris & Rome

Savor all the culinary delights with a with a whirlwind tour of Europe's most exciting cities. First, stylish London with an increasing number of fashionable dining spots. Then Paris, the reigning gastronomic capital of the world with an estimated 40,000 restaurants, and in Rome, experience some of the finest traditional cuisine with a 4 course dinner hosted by a local family. You'll also tour some of the famous food markets with local chefs, and then take a hands-on approach, learning how to prepare some authentic dishes.


Grand Romantic Cities

Paris, Budapest,
Rome & Venice

This itinerary takes you to four of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. Each has a different style, but each will captivate and charm you with beautiful architecture, interesting cuisine and impressive history.


Highlights of
Ireland & Britain

Dublin, Edinburgh,
Manchester & London

The Highlights of Ireland & Britain Avanti Journey gives you some of the best that both Ireland and Britain has to offer! Taste the world-famous Guinness at the Storehouse in Dublin and take in gorgeous scenery of the Irish countryside. In Scotland, walk the historic cobblestone streets of Edinburgh and taste iconic Scotch whisky. In England, London and its centuries of history and culture await. It's all contained in this marvelous journey!


Best of Europe Art
& Architecture

Paris, Florence,
Rome & Barcelona

Ageless cities, touchstones of civilization and commerce, reward the traveler with a rich banquet of architecture—each city in its own way. They enlarge our understanding of ourselves through incredible art collections, points of view, and other aspects of culture.


Flavors of
Southern Europe

Rome, Athens,
Barcelona & Madrid

Many countries have made unique contributions to the cuisine that we call Mediterranean. These four cities have been leaders in shaping this interesting and flavorful cultural heritage.


Cultural Capitals

London, Lisbon & Madrid

Three of the most sophisticated cities in the world, each with a unique artistic heritage and cultural vibe. Avanti brings these cities to life with city tours, museum visits, and unique cultural experiences in each.


Ancient Wonders of Europe

Istanbul, Athens & Rome

Each of these three cities can claim to be a cradle of civilization. Although miles apart, they are linked by history, art and architecture. Put these links together yourself as you explore the wonders of each.


Luxurious Indulgence

Italy & Dubai

Take a fascinating journey with a unique blending of cultures and history. Your tour begins with elegant and sophisticated Milan and charming Lake Como, then contrasting with contemporary and glitzy Dubai, and culminates in Bologna, Italy's culinary capital. With a diverse itinerary offering a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from gourmet tastings to a desert dinner safari and test-driving a Ferrari, it's guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.


South American Triangle

Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls
& Buenos Aires

One of our most popular programs, the South America Triangle will give you an introduction to three of South America's most exciting destinations. It combines visits to two of the most beautiful cities in the world — Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires - with the impressive grandeur of Iguassu Falls, the largest waterfalls in the Western Hemisphere.


Andean Experience

Peru, Bolivia & Chile

Make memories to last a lifetime in this adventure through the magnificent vistas and ancient cultures of the Andes Mountains. Start in the Sacred Valley of Peru, home of the Incan empire, and visit Machu Picchu and Cuzco. In Lake Titicaca, experience the living Andean culture by visiting floating islands and native healers. Cross into Bolivia and visit the largest salt flats in the world, staying in hotel made of salt blocks. Finally, head overland to San Pedro de Atacama, in Chile, and choose your excursions through this ethereal landscape while staying at an all-inclusive property built to blend in to the natural scenery. End in vibrant Santiago with a bike tour through local markets, where you can use your newly found Andean expertise to identify the local produce.


Culinary Highlights
of South America

Lima, Santiago,
Mendoza & Buenos Aires

Year after year, South America is proving itself to be the next big culinary destination. With a huge diversity of flavors and influences, the food and wine of this huge continent are worth traveling for. Head to the culinary capitals of South America to experience the delicacies, traditions, and aromas of food and wine in Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Get to know the local culture and see the main sights, all with a delicious focus on gastronomy on this tasty trip.


Deluxe Cultural Wonders
of Hong Kong & Japan

Hong Kong, Tokyo,
Hakone & Kyoto

Immerse yourself in the diverse cultures Hong Kong and Japan. Experience the dynamic city of Hong Kong with its towering skyscrapers meshing comfortably with ancient traditions. Then sample some of Japan's cultural icons; Tokyo, the energetic capital mixing glittering neon with world-class museums; Kamakura, a resort town amid beautiful mountains and beaches; Hakone, replete with natural wonders including Mt Fuji; and Kyoto, Japan's spiritual and cultural capital with over 1800 temples and shrines.


Past & Present
Japan & Thailand

Tokyo, Kyoto,
Bangkok, & Chiang Mai

Time travel into the past to learn the history and ancient customs of these two venerable countries with their countless shrines, revered Buddhist culture, and honored traditions. Conversely, you'll encounter today's Japan; the land of high-tech, bullet trains and Michelin starred restaurants. Then experience the bustling and high-energy of Bangkok, while Chiang Mai presents an alluring alternative; blissfully calm amid beautiful temples and misty mountains.


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