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The Great Gobi Adventure:
Ulaanbaatar & Gobi Desert
Explore the magnificent Gobi Desert, spanning two countries on the Asian continent; northern China and southern Mongolia. Here's an opportunity for aspiring archaeologists and adventurers to experience true wilderness. This fascinating itinerary offers dinosaur excavation sites, the Gobi Glacier in Yol Valley National Park, camel treks in towering sand dunes, engaging hospitable nomadic herders, viewing ancient rock paintings, and a visit to the paleontology lab of the Academy of Science of Mongolia.
• 4 Nights Ulaanbaatar
• 4 Nights Ger Camps
• Private Arrival and Departure Transfers
• Private Ulaanbaatar Highlights Tour
• Private Gobi desert Tour
• Private Lake Adag and Dinosaur Excavating Site
• Private Bayan Zag and Flaming Cliffs Tour
• Private Yol and Havtsgait Valleys Tour
• Evening Folklore Performance
  Private 13th Century Park Tour
• Roundtrip Domestic Flights from Ulaanbaatar to Gobi Desert
  Daily Breakfast & Most Lunches and Dinners
Upon arrival at Ulaanbaatar Airport, you'll have a private transfer to your hotel. Relax before dinner, and followed by an evening tour of the city and War Memorial at Zaisan if time permitted. Ulaanbaatar is bustling city which has over 1 million residents; in fact half of Mongolia's population resides here.

(Dinner & Accommodations, Ulaanbaatar)

Ulaanbaatar Outing
After breakfast, your guide will meet you for a private tour of Ulaanbaatar. You'll visit Gandan Monastery, noteworthy as the Buddhist center of Mongolia. The Museum of National History offers excellent displays on several millennia of history of Mongolia, beginning with the Stone Age, running through the Turkic and Mongol Empires, the rise of Buddhism, the communist regime and ends with a colorful display of contemporary society. After lunch, take a private tour of the paleontology lab of the Academy of Science of Mongolia. You'll have the opportunity to meet some of the scientists and explore many dinosaur findings not available yet to the public.

(Breakfast, Lunch & Accommodations, Ulaanbaatar)

The Gobi Desert
After breakfast and checking out of your hotel, you'll have a private transfer to the airport for the 90 minute flight to the Gobi Desert (Dalanzadgad); one of the most famous and exotic areas in the world. The Gobi is the 5th largest in the world, but more than sand, this region has rolling steppes, forests, and snow-capped peaks. Known to be one of the harshest environments on the earth, with extreme temperature and seasonal changes, the Gobi is surprisingly abundant with wildlife. You'll view gazelles, wild asses, wild camel or havtgai, antelopes, argali sheep; the biggest wild sheep on the planet, and the endangered Gobi bear. Your guide will point out that there are more horses than people in Mongolia, and five times as many sheep and goats. In fact, the majority of Mongolia's population of Bactrian camels (2 humps) live in this area, and later in the tour you'll be able to take a camel ride.

Upon arrival in Dalanzadgad, your guide will meet you for a drive to Hongor Sand Dunes. Hongoryn Els is the largest accumulation of the sand in the Gobi GurvanSaikhan National Park. The dunes can reach an imposing 650 foot in height, 4 to 8 miles wide and stretch for over 60 miles. These high dunes are called "singing sands" by locals as it makes various sounds when the wind is blowing. It's a popular area with activities like hiking, trekking and even sliding in the dunes. Afterwards, you'll be driven to the Gobi a Ger camp for dinner and your overnight accommodations. You'll stay in a local Ger, giving you the opportunity to get closely acquainted with the way of life and culture of the Mongolian people.

(Breakfast Ulaanbaatar, Lunch, Dinner & Accommodations, Ger Camp)

Lake Adag & Excavation Site
After breakfast, meet your guide for a private tour to nearby Lake Adag. You'll proceed to an excavation site, and have the opportunity to hunt for various dinosaur and mammal species in the fossil rich region. The first nest of dinosaur eggs was discovered in Mongolia in 1928. These local geological beds are especially relevant as they yield not only the dinosaur's remains but also the fossils of mammals and other animal species as well as baby dinosaurs. After your excavation exercise, you'll return to the camp. Dinner is included and you'll have the opportunity to sample Mongolian specialties.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Accommodations, Ger Camp)

Bayan Zag and the Flaming Cliffs
Today you'll have a private excursion to Bayan Zag and the Flaming Cliffs to explore the Gobi "Cemetery of Dinosaurs", and the trail of Roy Chapman Andrews. An American zoologist, Andrews discovered this site and named it the Flaming Cliffs due to their red tint. Petrified forests, remains of mammals, protoceratops, dinosaur eggs, and the skeleton of a hornless rhinoceros; the largest known mammal in the world, were unearthed in the same area. The red colored cliffs themselves are very imposing from a distance, and are particularly fiery in the light of the setting sun. It's an interesting place to wander about to get a closer look at one of the world's most famous paleontology sites. These primal rock drawings date back 3000 years, and you'll view mountain goat, maral deer and wild sheep depicted in the ancient walls. After lunch we'll drive to Bayanzag. Bayanzag, meaning "saxual forest" in English, is an area of red cliffs, which have been formed from the erosion of the water and wind over many millions of years. After the tour, you'll be transported to the Ger Lodge for dinner and accommodations.

(Breakfast, Ger Camp, Lunch, Dinner & Accommodations, Ger Lodge)

Gobi Glacier
In the morning, your guide will escort you to Yol (Lammergeyer) Valley National Park for a morning trek and an opportunity to photograph some of the stunning landscape, the "Gobi Glacier" and intriguing wildlife. Yol means vulture in Mongolian and the valley begins from Zuun Saikhan Mountain, and stretches over 6 miles. The valley is famous for the Gobi Glacier, created in winter by a small stream in the valley, and is present even during the hot summer months until end of July. Your trip will continue to Havtsgait Valley to explore the ancient rock paintings drawn on one of the highest points of the area, and will also afford you panoramic photo opportunities. After dinner at the camp, you'll visit a camel breeder's family for an unforgettable camel ride and photo session at sundown before returning to the lodge.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Accommodations, Ger Lodge)

to Ulaanbaatar:
In the morning, you'll take your return flight to Ulaanbaatar. The afternoon is at your leisure to relax or explore on your own. This evening, enjoy a folklore performance by the Tumen Ekh Song & Dance Ensemble at the State Youth Theater. It's a rare opportunity to experience live traditional Mongolian music and dance. The famous Mongolian throat singing is plentiful, accompanied by traditional Asian instruments, plus contortionists and an array stunning colorful costumes.

(Breakfast Ger Lodge, Lunch & Accommodations, Ulaanbaatar)

Genghis Khan:
Today you'll make an excursion to the 13th Century Park to explore and experience the lifestyle, customs, traditions and military activities of 13th century's Mongolia. The "13th Century" complex has the environment of tourism attractions; Ger camps, farms, statues and traditional entertainment areas, all in real lifestyle of 13th century era. Within this country, the rule of the law is strong, so there is no television, electricity and phones allowed, as the purpose of this theme park is to convey a virtual experiences for the tourists during their visit.

This complex offers a chance to explore the history of Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan) by visiting Mongolia's famous statue of the hero on his horse. The statue shows Chinggis Khaan (1162-1227) with a golden whip in his right hand as he gazes west. You can Take part in everyday life activities of Mongols and learn about state affairs, livestock breeding, and religion. The Kings Palace is the main attraction point of the XIII Century Theme Park. There are 24 tribes' flags which symbolizes the history about his triumph of uniting 24 tribes and established Great Mongolian Empire. After this fascinating tour, you'll return to Ulaanbaatar for a memorable farewell dinner.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Accommodations, Ulaanbaatar)

After breakfast, you'll have a private transfer to the airport for your return home or onward to your next Avanti Destination!

(Breakfast, Ulaanbaatar)

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