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Jordan Highlights:
Amman, Petra, Aqaba & Dead Sea
Explore Jordan, from the ancient ruins & cities to the jaw-dropping desert landscapes and stunning beaches on the Red Sea coast. Starting in the capital city of Amman, visit the ruined Roman city of Jerash where the empires impressive architectural monuments still stand, and spend a day exploring the ancient city of Petra, uncovering its timeworn mysteries for yourself. Reconnect with nature in the beautifully austere Wadi Rum, otherwise known as the Valley of the Moon, before relaxing on the sandy beaches of Aqaba. Visit Madaba to view the oldest known map of the Middle East within the St. George Church, summit the holy site of Mount Nebo to get a prime view of the Jordan Valley, and then end the journey by unwinding at a luxury resort on the shores of the Dead Sea to cap off this incredible journey.
• 1 Night Amman
• 2 Nights Petra
• 1 Night Aqaba
• 1 Night Dead Sea
• Private Jerash Tour
• Private Petra Tour with 1 Day Entrance
• Wadi Rum Bedouin Jeep Tour
• Private Mt Nebo and Madaba Tour
• Private Transfers Throughout
• National English-Speaking Guide Throughout
• Daily Breakfast
Arrive Amman:

Arrive in Amman via the Queen Alia International Airport and meet your driver and English-speaking guide for a private transfer to your hotel. After checking-in to your hotel, the remainder of the day is at your leisure.

Amman, Jordans vibrant capital, balances both the ancient and modern. The citys historical sites are located downtown with Roman, Byzantine, and ancient Islamic remnants found at the area known as the Citadel, including the Roman temple of Heracles and the Umayyad Palace, while western Amman is home to residential homes, modern malls, and galleries. Sprawling over hills, Ammans neighborhoods are named after the respective hills they occupy. Known for its street art and cafe culture, the diverse city is teeming with regional cultures, arts, and food just waiting to be discovered just over the next hill.

(Accommodations, Amman)

Amman to Petra:

Today, after breakfast, embark on a journey through the sands of time to tour the lost city of Petra. On route, stop at the city of Jerash to discover ancient remnants of the Roman Empire, including the ruins of a Roman Forum, Hadrians Arch, a Temple of Artemis, and much more. After touring Jerash, it is onwards to Petra, an ancient city carved into rose-red sandstone desert cliffs, concealed from the prying eyes of travelers for centuries. You'll tour Petra tomorrow, but for now check-in to your nearby hotel where the rest of the evening will be at your leisure.

If you are feeling up to it, add-on a cooking class at the Petra Kitchen! Learn traditional Jordanian cooking techniques with a local chef, learning about the local culture and customs as you cook an entire course.

(Breakfast, Amman & Accommodations, Petra)


After breakfast, prepare for your private tour of Petra with your English-speaking guide. Approach the lost city by winding through the tall stone walls of the Siq corridor before you arrive at the impressive Al Kahzneh façade, easily recognized by some as the location of the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones. Referred to as both the Rose City and the Lost City, this UNESCO World Heritage Site still holds many mysteries as less than 15% of Petra has been discovered and over 85% of the city is still buried underground.

For those looking to explore even more ancient ruins, add-on a tour of nearby Little Petra, known as Siq Al-Barid in Arabic. This ancient neolithic site carved into the desert mountains is thought to be one of the first settlements in human history, just eight miles north of Petra. Built by the ancient Nabateans, Little Petra is famous for The Painted House, a room dug into the mountainside that contains a recently restored 2,000-year old fresco that will fascinate anyone interested in art, history, or architecture.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Petra)

Petra to Aqaba:

After breakfast, check-out of your Petra hotel and meet your guide for a private transfer to Aqaba, a beautiful resort town on the Red Sea coast. Make a stop in Wadi Rum for a Bedouin jeep tour of this beautifully austere desert landscape, framed by red-rock mountains, nicknamed the "Valley of the Moon". Explore Wadi Rums vast valleys and narrow canyons to find petroglyphs, natural springs, and incredible vistas on this exciting tour.

After the jeep tour, continue onwards to Aqaba, Jordans only coastal city that sits on the shores of the Red Sea. With sunny and idyllic beaches, this city is a lavish and exciting getaway with luxurious resorts, coastal reefs perfect for diving or snorkeling, and Crusades-era castles to explore. Enjoy the rest of your day at leisure in Aqaba.

(Breakfast, Petra; Accommodations, Aqaba)
Aqaba to Dead Sea:

After breakfast, check-out of your hotel in Aqaba and begin the trek to the Dead Sea. On route youll stop at Madaba and Mt. Nebo for additional tours. See a different side Christianity at the Greek Orthodox church of St. George in Madaba, which houses a remnant of an older Byzantine mosaic known as the Madaba Map, the oldest known map of Palestine that depicts major biblical sites throughout the region in incredible detail. Then visit nearby Mount Nebo, the burial site of Moses with incredible views of Jordan and Israel. The Moses Memorial Church (originally built in the 4th-century AD) is located here, which was excavated and renovated in the 20th century to include a museum within the complex that houses some of the best mosaics in Jordan.

After the tours, continue onwards to your Dead Sea resort where the rest of the afternoon and evening is at your leisure. This famous lake is at the lowest point on earth and earned its name because its waters are so saline-dense that no living thing can survive within them. However, that same saline-density means that it is nearly impossible to sink while swimming in the lake! Additionally, these mineral-rich waters produce an equally rich mud that is renowned for its rejuvenating properties. Cake yourself in mud, bake on the sandy shore, and wash it off in the saline-heavy water to engage in a centuries-old skincare routine.

Many of the Dead Sea Resorts offer world-class spa programs that incorporate the mineral-rich materials found here while also providing lavish and luxurious accommodations, making this an ideal destination for wellness and true relaxation.

(Breakfast, Aqaba; Accommodations, Dead Sea)

Depart Amman:

After breakfast, check-out of the hotel and return to the Amman Airport via private transfer for the return home or onwards to your next Avanti destination!

(Breakfast, Dead Sea)

** Itinerary and inclusions are subject to change