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Haeinsa Temple Stay
Discover one of the jewels of Korea-Haeinsa Temple-during a rare cultural experience open to everyone regardless of belief. Enhance your understanding of Korean Buddhism during this exciting stay that features monastic meals, Seon Meditation, and a variety of experiences that allow for a deeper grasp of Buddhist teachings. Participants in the program will have the unforgettable experience of hearing the beating Dharma drum pierce the crisp, early morning air, and visiting the mountain hermitages above the temple, where many monks continue to live.
• 1 Night Temple Stay
• Private Arrival and Departure Transfers from Seoul
• Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
• Temple uniform (vest and pants)
Arrive Haeinsa:

Your driving guide will meet you at your Seoul hotel for a private transfer from Seoul to Haeinsa Temple. Located in the Gyason Mountain National Park, the magnificent Haeinsa, "Temple of the Ocean Mudra," is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Korea as one of the "Three Jewels Temples." Haeinsa Temple represents the Dharma which is the teaching of the Buddha.

Built in the ninth century, Haeinsa is the home to Tripitaka Koreana, a collection of 81,258 wooden printing blocks that represent the world's oldest and most comprehensive Buddhist canon in Chinese characters. Each of the wooden blocks of the Tripitaka were carved by devout Goryeo Dynasty Buddhists in the late 11th century as a prayer to repel the Mongolian invaders. The monks do not speak English, however an interpreter will be present to assist with translation.

During this program, stay at the historic temple for one night to experience the teachings of Korean Buddhism*. Share your time together with other guests and dine solely on vegan food for an authentic Buddhist experience and to gain a new understanding of life. Focusing on Chahm-Suhn (meditation), you will learn techniques that encourage concentration, clarify, emotional positivity, and a calm view of the true nature of things. With regular work and patience, these nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into a profoundly peaceful and energized baseline. Retire to your gender-divided bedrooms for the evening where four people will share accommodations between two bunk beds.

What to bring:

Toiletries, personal water bottle, loose clothes for sleep, an extra t-shirt, sneakers, and socks.

Note: Sleeveless shirt or flip flops are not recommended.

*Clients must be fit enough to stand or walk for an extended period of time.

(Shared Accommodations, Lunch & Dinner, Haeinsa Temple)
Depart Haeinsa:

After a leisurely breakfast, meet your driver for a private transfer to Seoul and on to your next Avanti destination!

(Breakfast, Haeinsa Temple)
** Itinerary and inclusions are subject to change