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Grand Tour of Jordan:
Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba & Dead Sea
Leave no stone unturned as you embark on an epic and definitive trip through Jordan's highlights and attractions. This expertly paced journey allows travelers to savor the experience as they explore ancient capitals, get immersed in Jordan's rich history and culture, visit desert castles, admire the otherworldly landscape, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time at one of the finest Dead Sea resorts. Covering no less than five of the country's must-visit cities and regions, this well-crafted vacation package delivers everything that you can expect from a trip to Jordan plus a whole lot more!
• 3 Nights Amman
• 3 Nights Petra
• 1 Night Wadi Rum Desert Camp
• 2 Nights Aqaba
• 2 Nights Dead Sea
• Private Amman Walking Tour with Market Visits
• Private Um Qais & Jerash Tour
• Madaba, Mt Nebo & Shobak Castle Tour
• Private Petra Tour with 2 Day Entrance
• Wadi Rum Bedouin Jeep Tour
• 1 Dinner at Wadi Rum Desert Camp
• Bethany (Baptism Site) Tour
• Private Transfers Throughout
• National English-Speaking Guide Throughout
• Daily Breakfast
Arrive Amman:

Arrive in Amman and meet your driver for a private transfer to your hotel. After checking in, the remainder of the day is open, and you are free to relax or explore the city on your own.

(Accommodations, Amman)


After breakfast, meet up with your English-speaking guide before heading out to tour the city and visit some of its famous markets. Start the day with a visit to the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (Wild Jordan) where you will learn about the nature reserves throughout the country and have a chance to purchase handmade items from rugs to engraved ostrich eggs. Continue the tour walking into the downtown streets passing through shops and stopping for a few tastings. It's easy to get tantalized by the gold, spices, and produce on offer as you observe the sea of charismatic vendors hawking their wares with enthusiasm. Along the way, you'll get engulfed within Amman's vibrant atmosphere while soaking in the city's ancient and modern characteristics.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Amman)


With your guide, travel north from Amman to the town of Umm Qais where you will find the ruins of the Decapolis city of Gadara. According to the Bible, this is the site where Jesus performed the exorcism of the Gerasene demoniac, also known as the 'Miracle of the Gadarene Swine'.

Proceed to Jordan's second-most popular attraction after Petra: Jerash. It is one of the most well-preserved among the numerous provincial Roman outposts that spread across the once vast empire. Hidden for centuries beneath the shifting sands, the ruins of the ancient settlement were re-discovered in 1806. Explore the storied area where the likes of Alexander the Great and Emperor Hadrian once tread.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Amman)

Amman to Petra:

Make your way towards Petra, Jordan's most famous archaeological site that's located in the country's southwestern desert. En route, you'll get to visit three notable religious and historic places.

The first stop is Madaba, where you'll witness a different side of Christianity at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. The church famously houses a 6th-century map of the Holy Land, complete with detailed depictions of major biblical sites. You'll then head to Mount Nebo, the holy site where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land before he died. It's also where his remains were eventually put to rest. The third and last stop is Shobak Castle - a ruined Crusader fortification that was built by King Baldwin I in 1115 to fend off attacks by the armies of Saladin.

Arrive in Petra and check in to your hotel.

(Breakfast, Amman; Accommodations, Petra)

After breakfast, meet up with your guide and make your way to Petra, one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world! Dubbed as the 'Rose City', this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a spectacular place to behold. Walk through the narrow canyon called Al Siq to access Petra's most famous structure, Al Khazneh (The Treasury) - a temple with an elaborate Greek-style facade.

Petra's distinct red and pink hues are a result of the red sandstone upon which the ornate temples and tombs were carved into. It has been speculated that over 85% of the lost city is still buried underneath the desert.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Petra)


Prepare for your second visit to Petra. Take an optional hike to The Monastery or High Place of Sacrifice and try to spot anything that you might have missed the first time around!

You can also opt to visit 'Little Petra'. Known as Siq Al-Barid in Arabic, this Neolithic site situated just eight miles north of Petra was also carved into the walls of the sandstone canyons by the ancient Nabataeans. It is believed that the entire complex was once a suburb of Petra long before it was eventually used by Bedouin nomads.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Petra)

Petra to Wadi Rum:

After breakfast, make your way towards Wadi Rum where you'll take an exhilarating Jeep tour across the dry landscape before having dinner and spending the night in a luxurious desert camp.

Often referred to as the 'Valley of the Moon', this protected region is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and features towering sandstone mountains, dramatic rock formations, and steep canyons. It's renowned for being the filming location of numerous movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, The Martian, and Dune. Wadi Rum's Mars-like quality is simply mesmerizing. It is a beautiful destination that must be visited in order to be fully appreciated.

(Breakfast, Petra; Dinner & Accommodations, Wadi Rum)

Wadi Rum to Aqaba:

With your guide, journey towards Aqaba - Jordan's only city that's situated along the country's coast. Populated by a plethora of luxury resorts and establishments, Aqaba is a well-known year-round destination for affluent Jordanians. Along with its idyllic beaches and world-class accommodation options, the city is also excellent as a base for divers and snorkelers looking to check out the colorful reefs beneath the Red Sea.

(Breakfast, Wadi Rum; Accommodations, Aqaba)


The entire day is open, and you are free to spend it however you wish. Have fun under the sun and try out popular water-related activities. If you are more interested about the local history, you can take a trip to Pharaoh's Island where you can explore Mamluk Castle - a Crusader-built fortress made famous by Lawrence of Arabia during the Great Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Aqaba)

Aqaba to Dead Sea:

After breakfast, transfer towards the legendary Dead Sea. En route, you'll make a stopover at Bethany where you'll visit the site where Jesus was baptized. Upon arrival at the Dead Sea, check into your accommodation.

Bordered by Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is a salt-lake renowned for being the lowest place on land with an elevation of over 1,300 feet below sea level. The intense salinity of the cobalt blue waters allows people to easily float on the surface without much effort. The region is also famous for its mineral-rich mud, which is said to have superb soothing and rejuvenating properties.

(Breakfast, Aqaba; Accommodations, Dead Sea)

Dead Sea:

The entire day is open, and you are free to spend it however you wish. For example, you can take advantage of your hotel's spa or choose to float away your worries while relaxing at the Dead Sea.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Dead Sea)


After breakfast, meet your driver for a private transfer to the international airport in Amman for your flight home or to proceed to your next Avanti Destination!

(Breakfast, Dead Sea)

** Itinerary and inclusions are subject to change