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Easter Island
More than 2,000 miles of the coast of Chile you will find Rapa Nui (or, Easter Island): one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. A five and a half hour flight from Santiago will bring you to this small outpost, home of the mysterious moai, monolithic stone statues found throughout the island, created by its previous inhabitants centuries ago. This ultimate bucket list destination features volcanic craters, beautiful beaches, and more than 800 of the ever-present enigmatic statues it is famous for. Perfect for exploring archaeological sites and taking in magnificent sunrises, Easter Island does not disappoint.
• Private Roundtrip Airport Transfers
• 4 Nights Accommodations
• Private Orongo, Ahu Akivi, Anakena, and Tongariki Sunrise Tours
• Shared Umu Experience Dinner Show
• Rapa Nui National Park Fee
• Daily Breakfast
Please Note: Excursion order may be modified depending on the weather and flight itinerary changes.
Arrive Easter Island:

Airport meeting and transfer to your selected hotel. Bypass the airport line to purchase the National Park Entrance Fee, as yours is already included. You will receive a local itinerary re-confirming the times and order of your tours.

(Accommodations, Easter Island)
Easter Island:

After breakfast, depart for Rano Kao, a volcano with a crater that is now a lake. Next, visit Orongo, a stone village and ceremonial site. It was here that the annual "tangata manu" or birdman ceremony was performed. You will also visit the caves at Ana Kai Tangata, where you will find ancient paintings. You can also step out upon the Ahu Vinapu, a ceremonial platform that is famous for its architectural perfection; today, its construction is still a mystery. In the afternoon, visit Ahu Akivi, where you can marvel at the 7 maois lined up on a platform, facing the ocean. You will have the chance to see Ana Te Pahu cave and Puna Pau, the quarry where the natives carved the Pukao, the hats or topknots placed on top of some moai statues, and once there you will be told a little more about how the islanders built and transported these colossal statues. In the evening, return to your hotel in Hanga Roa.

(Breakfast & Accommodations, Easter Island)
Easter Island:

Enjoy a full day tour of the natural and historical highlights of this island. We will leave the town of Hanga Roa behind and drive along the black coastline to the archaeological site Vaihu, where we will learn more about why all moai here face the ground. We will continue on the "Camino de los Moai" (Moai trail), passing several sculptures lying on the side of the road. Once we reached Ranu Raraku (the quarry where all moai were sculpted) we will have a delicious picnic lunch, before starting your ascent to the volcano. Here more than 300 statues can be appreciated. From the edge of the volcano we can also enjoy the view of a crater-lake. We will take a small break at the beautiful Anakena beach, with white sandy seaside with coconut palm trees and the blue cove of warm pacific water make it a true paradise. Here we can relax on the beach, go for a swim in the nice water or discover two more Ahus. From here we will return to your hotel, passing Vaitea, the only eucalyptus forest on the island.

(Breakfast, Lunch & Accommodations, Easter Island)

Easter Island:

Watching the sunrise from the waters of the Pacific Ocean with incredible surrounding scenery is an amazing experience, and Easter Island is the perfect place to do it. On this tour we will leave the hotel an hour and half before dawn break and drive to the ceremonial complex of Ahu Tongariki, located in the Hanga Nui Bay. This ahu is the largest on the island and it is formed by 15 moais. There, we will enjoy the breathtaking sunrise while being surrounded by majestic landscape. This will be the ideal setting to take amazing pictures and to record in our memories this serene moment. After sun-up we will enjoy a nice breakfast either at this spectacular location or in the comfort of our hotel. Spend the rest of the day on your own until evening, where you will experience a complete Rapa Nui cultural immersion. You will have the opportunity to learn about the island's lifestyle and people while partaking in the preparation and consumption of a traditional umu dinner. Your night will commence as you are met by islanders and have your face painted while enjoying a tropical drink. The umu is a customary Polynesian cooking method where food is heated in an earth oven or cooking pit. The meal typically consists of seafood, poultry, meat, taro, assorted vegetables and tubers. The ingredients are placed on and around hot stones, protected with banana leaves and covered with soil. Subsequently the food is left to cook over several hours. Once done, the dish will be unveiled with a special ceremony as everyone sits down and enjoy the dinner together. The meal is served buffet style and accompanied with vegetable and fruit salad. Afterwards you will be treated to an exciting Polynesian dance show.

(Breakfast, Lunch & Accommodations, Easter Island)
Easter Island:

Transfer to the airport for your return flight to Santiago.

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