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Amazonas River Cruises: Delfin I
With no roads to connect to the outside world, the port city of Iquitos is the gateway to jungle lodges and cruises on the mighty Amazon.
4 Nights Delfin I
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Arrive to Iquitos:

After arriving to Iquitos International Airport, you will be assisted by guides and transported by an air-conditioned private van for about 1 1/2 hours, heading northwest toward Nauta (the oldest city in Loreto). Nauta lies between Iquitos and the Marañón River, where the DELFIN I is waiting for you. While the Delfin begins its initial navigation, you will enjoy fantastic panoramic views from the elegantly outfitted observation area located on the third deck. Your naturalist guide will give you an overview of your journey's schedule, activities, route, highlights, wildlife and vegetation to keep your eye out for, geographical and historical background, and other useful details. Our initial excursion will be done by skiff where we visit our first location populated by sloths and iguanas. Birdwatchers are likely to check off the the yellow-rumped caciques and the very elegant egrets from their bucket lists. You will have great photo opportunities as you witness your first Amazon Rainforest Sunset.

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Fundo Casual / Yanayacu Pucate:

On your first morning in the Amazon Jungle, we recommend getting up early to appreciate one of the most important areas of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Nature is the most beautiful in the tropics, and early rising is always rewarding since wildlife is most abundant and active first thing in the morning. The walk at Fundo Casual jungle trail will take you deep into the rainforest on "terra firma" (non-flooded forest) where your guide will point out the dynamic creatures and vegetation of the Amazon. Be sure to keep an attentive eye open for wildlife spotting! After lunch, you will start cruising through the Yanayacu and Pucate Rivers, peeking into different creeks and lagoons. This is one of the best preserved and protected zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Your guide will use his expert eye to pinpoint all the biodiversity of this region. If you want to interact directly with the waters of the Amazon, go out on one of our kayaks or paddle boards. You will even have the opportunity to see the famous pink river dolphins! Finally, visit the village of Yachay, where we'll meet the Shaman, Carola. Carola is known far and wide in the rainforest, leading a normal village life while at the same time acting as spiritual caretaker and healer to literally hundreds of jungle dwellers spread over many roadless miles. Carola is known as a "White" shaman, a healer and spiritual guide.

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Amazon Natural Park / Marañón River:

This is a unique opportunity; you will get to visit the only Canopy Walkway in this area, an experience unequaled in the rainforest! At a height of over 25 meters (85 feet) and extending for 500 meters (one-third of a mile), the Canopy Walkway provides a view of the rainforest from the treetops, the best vantage point for observing Amazon wildlife and vegetation. The Canopy Walkway is accessible to all and requires no special skills or equipment. The suspended walkway is spread between 14 of the area's largest rainforest trees and is one of the longest canopy walkways in the world. You will enjoy "Terra Firma" forest and you will be able to see the differences between your previous hike and this one. In the afternoon, we will visit a remote village of 500 people, only accessible by canoe. On your visit to this community we will be welcomed by smiling faces and friendly people. Around the community, the locals will happily show you the process of peeling and grating cassava, while another may invite you in for a look at the tools, he uses to process the rice (grown locally). A day in the life of a local ribereño is eye-opening to how far we have come in this day and age and a reflection of how simple yet rewarding life is for others.

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Yarapa River / Amazon Confluence:

You will get to intimately explore the Yarapa River, a tributary of the Amazon. Listen closely to the sounds from within the mysterious jungle. We will travel down river to this wide creek that leads to an attractive hidden lagoon. As we absorb the beauty of the landscape, we will have the chance to reflect on the wildlife. Hawks, terns, herons, and monkeys, part of your everyday excursions, are readily close by; in this area we will notice many more inhabitants of the Amazon, the rivereños. People are an important part of this complex bio-network, which only reinforces the fact that we are part of their lives and how our presence here and now could make a difference to the future of this magical land. Look out for specific types of Monkeys like the pygmy marmoset, the squirrel monkey, and the Monk Saki. This medium-sized monkey with thick fur and a bushy tail looks more like he is dressed for the Arctic than the Amazon.

When we reach the "Union de los Ríos" we will make a toast and observe the distinguished colors of the 3 rivers merging. This area, where the Ucayali River meets the Marañón River, is known as the Start of the Amazon River.

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Disembarkation / Manatee Rescue Center:

The staff will wish you farewell as you begin your departure. At the port of Nauta, our ground crew will be waiting to take you by our private vehicle back to the city of Iquitos, about 95 kilometers journey by paved road. But the adventure isn't over yet: on our way back to Iquitos, we will visit the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) where you will have the chance to meet baby manatees and learn about these wonderful and docile creatures and why they are on the endangered species list. Our land personnel will wait for you at the airport to give you your boarding passes and help you check in. The return flight will take you directly to the city of Lima, the capital of Peru. At the security gate, your guide and Delfin crew will say goodbye. We truly hope that you enjoyed your stay and the Amazon travel experience with Delfin Amazon Cruises!

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