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During my years as a Travel Consultant and working in the travel industry, there has been one question which has been asked time and time again: “Where should I go and how much time should I spend there?”

Split, Croatia

This is an interesting question and really one that is all up to the Travelers themselves. Some people like to jet around and collect as many passport stamps as possible. Other folks would rather linger solely within one country. Well I am happy to say I can offer some personal advice on this subject and hopefully help you decide on your own how much time you should spend in your destinations.

In my journeys so far, I have found that it is best not to pick too many destinations for your vacation. I have traveled in many different situations; from month long walkabouts around Thailand to seven-day jaunts throughout the different regions of Argentina, and have found that I appreciate the destinations in which I stay longest more than the ones I do not. Moving too quickly through a country just makes everything a blur for me. But, I have created a quick list of questions to help you through the destinations-deciding process! The first two are:

Question #1 Ask yourself why you are traveling.

Is it because you just need to get away? Do you need to use up vacation time? Is it your Honeymoon or Anniversary? Are you researching family history? Have you always been intrigued by a particular ‘dream’ destination and finally want to take that giant leap? Are you interested in the many different cultures of the World? This question is always the first thing I think of. I mean, how can you go if you don’t know why you want to?

Question #2 How much time and money are you budgeting?

This is one of the most important factors of our vacations and I have sometimes found myself accidentally under-budgeting my trips, causing me to miss certain destinations and attractions that were important to me. Theoretically, the more money you have the more destinations you can visit- but will you be spending all of your money trying to get from point A to B quickly because you didn’t plan for as much time as you should? Make sure you’ve got the dough to keep you going and the time to fulfill your travel desires.

With these first two questions answered, you’ll have half of your destination dilemma resolved. Join me next time, as I continue to provide tips on planning the perfect vacation.

La Boca

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