Avanti's Travel Agent Tutorials

At Avanti, we are constantly developing new and improved methods to help you better serve your clients. We want to ensure that you have the information you need - when you need it. Our online resources are available to you 24/7 allowing you access to our hotel availability, pricing, hotel & tour descriptions, destination training webinars, promotional flyers and more! Our online tutorials are a great way to learn how to use our website to create quotes and bookings. We've even launched a new Quote Editing Tool which allows your to modify an existing Quote before you place payment. Give it a try today and as always, we always welcome your feedback. Happy selling!

How to Order Brochures

PRO-F.I.T. Webinars: Part 3 - Expert Users

PRO-F.I.T. Webinars: Part 2 - Intermediate Users

PRO-F.I.T. Webinars: Part 1 - Beginners

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